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Freelancing translates into freedom and flexibility. It allows you to work with new people on a project, offering you a chance to grow. Like any other job, well-written and well-organized freelance resume examples can help you stand apart from the different options in the market and bag gigs in no time.

freelancer Resume Examples

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What shows is what sells! As a freelancer, you want your work and experience to speak on your behalf. A freelance resume must have brief information about your former projects and skills that you have acquired over the years.

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The following freelance resume guide will help you get the answers to the following questions. 

  • How to create the first impression for your client through a freelance resume?
  • How to pitch yourself when creating a freelance resume?
  • Things one should avoid when preparing a freelance resume
  • How freelance resume examples can help you

How to Create the First Impression for Your Client Through a Freelance Resume?

Let’s be honest. Freelancing has become a common phenomenon today, and a million options are available. The one thing that counts is how you present your work as a rare commodity that can offer your client value and satisfaction. When looking for a client, you must present your freelance resume to convince them that you are one for the job. 

A well-thought-out freelance resume can be a perfect way to create a lasting impression for a client. It can help you convincingly pitch yourself while narrowing down your client’s options. Not to forget that being a freelancer means you get to market your work yourself. So, ensure you have all the bases covered when creating a freelance resume

A Compelling Summary

When creating a freelance resume, don’t forget the power a compelling summary might hold for your future endeavors. Your resume summary should be concise yet appealing to your potential client. You can add your personal story of struggle and what made you walk the path of freelancing. This will provide your client with a picture of how you care about their respective projects. 

Don’t Forget to Share Your Experience

Whether you are a freelancer or a 9 to 5 person, experience always makes a difference. It is one of the crucial sections of a resume. It helps you stand out in the crowd as you present yourself as the most viable option for the client. 

Experience is where you can convince yourself that you have the right skills for a particular project. It works as a powerful metric for your employer to make the final call when they find themselves stuck in a sea of candidates. 

Include the following details:

  • Number of clients you have worked with
  • Skills and accomplishments
  • Success rate
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio

Not to forget that the client is more interested in what you have produced than what you can do. So, the best way to grab a client is to help them see what you are capable through displaying your past endeavors and concluding your skills with complicated projects.  

Still not sure how to list freelance work on a resume? You can always turn to our freelance resume examples for reference. 

Miscellaneous Sections

Other sections that you can add to your resume are:

  • Awards and achievements
  • Personal projects
  • Any other value-added services you might offer

How to Pitch Yourself Through a Freelance Resume?

When you’re a freelancer trying to attract clients, constructing a creative portfolio should be top-of-list. Again, don’t forget that you are responsible for showcasing your capabilities to the world. When it comes to a freelance resume, the thing that matters the most is how you pitch yourself to the client. Most people have everything sorted but lack the art of marketing themselves. 

You need to take the lead and confidently present your portfolio. 

Highlight Your Best Work

When preparing a resume, always remember to make your best work shine. As a freelancer, it should be your priority to share the projects you’re most proud of when asked about your work. That’s what you should put up on your resume. Don’t forget; in freelancing, clients care more about quality than quantity. So, give your best shot every time there’s a new project. 

Numbers Can Make You Win

Today, everyone cares about stats and numbers. From multinationals to freelancing clients, people need something that they can consider concrete proof of their success. This is where you can make things a bit interesting. You can toss some real-time numbers and delivery timelines to help your client conclude that you can truly make things happen just the way they need. 

Add a Personal Touch

Freelancing is all about what you can offer as a person and a creator. Most people who step into the freelancing world forget that you must present yourself first as a person, then as a freelancer. Adding a pinch of personal touch to your freelancing ventures can allow clients to understand how involved you are. It can help them recognize you as a seasoned professional who truly means business. 


There’s nothing better than people talking about how good your work is. A word from an old client can give a lot of confidence to new ones about your sincerity and commitment to the cause. Remember, a good reference about your work ethic can act as reassurance allowing you to attract more clients in the future.

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Things One Should Avoid When Preparing a Freelance Resume

Yes, there’s no denying the fact that a well-curated freelance resume can do wonders when getting clients on board. But, sometimes, freelancers make common mistakes when developing their resumes. These mistakes might drastically impact their chances of attracting high-paying clients who can shape their careers. Many experts also suggest freelancers look at different freelance resume examples to understand better what they need to avoid. 

The following list of Dos and Don’ts can help you prevent such mistakes and get clients on board every time. 


Elaborate Your Duties

When creating a resume, always mention what you will be responsible for. Try to paint a clearer picture for the clients so they can understand what you are trying to convey. Communicating what they can expect from you when hiring you for a project is crucial. 

Mention the Successful Ventures

Today, people are more concerned about what they can offer at a reasonable price. You can present all of your relevant and successful ventures to the client. This way, your client will better understand whether you are the right candidate for the job. 

Keep Things Short and Simple 

You can save a lot of time and effort by keeping things concise. It’s important to remember that today there’s nothing more valuable than time. A brief introduction of things can let the client thoroughly asses your work without any hassle. 


Oversell Yourself 

One common mistake that freelancers make is overselling their services. When creating a resume, it’s crucial only to mention the benefits you can offer depending on your resources. Sometimes, committing more than you can deliver can make time management challenging. This might force some clients to lose confidence in your services. 

Mention Irrelevant Information

As a freelancer, you must understand that the clients only care about how fast you can deliver them a project. They have no interest in knowing about irrelevant information that might waste their time and energy. The best way to avoid this is to keep your freelance resume concise and only mention things that matter. 

Make Things Complicated

Making things complicated in a resume will only make it look cluttered. So, you better watch out for the information you choose to put on your resume. You must keep things simple for all of your clients. This way, you will be able to attract more clients and can help them understand more about your expertise.

How Freelance Resume Examples Can Help You

Acquiring a skill and selling it to clients are two completely different things. Most people who are the best at what they do often fail to market themselves to the right audience. This lack of understanding sometimes lets major clients slip away from their reach. 

A well-written freelance resume can fix this problem for you. It can allow you to market yourself as a viable option for all your clients. It also allows you to connect to the right people who can offer you work that suits your credentials. 

When it comes to the perfect resume, many people often miss key elements that can help them retain their clients. This is where freelance resume examples can be a helpful tool. They offer you a new array of options that you can use to present your work. 

They can also help you develop unique ideas to make your work stand out. Not to forget, clients love to see a bit of innovation from someone who promises to create something new out of nothing. 

Plenty of Templates

By looking at freelance resume examples, you can find yourself in a world of resume templates. It will not only enable you to come across different resume styles but can allow you to improve your resume. Our resume options can help you if you are someone who masters more than one skill.

Diverse Resumes for Different Roles

Our freelance resume examples let you look at various resumes for different roles. Whether you are a painter, writer, musician, or app developer, they have got you covered. You can find the one that suits your niche and start pitching your work to your clients with a brand-new resume. 

Unique Writing Styles and Ideas

There’s nothing that comes close to a perfectly written resume. Every freelancing project requires a unique writing style that can convince your client to hire you. Different freelance resume examples can help you take away ideas to chip into your existing resume and make it look fresh and exclusive.

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