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Once upon a time, landing a job in the modern corporate world was quite challenging. But not anymore – with our top-notch resume writing services, we help you target any job. 

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Our Experts Understand How To Craft Resumes That Capture Attention And Ensure Recruiters Take Your Application Seriously.

We ensure your resume aligns with your goals to stand out from the crowd.

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Our resume experts have all the expertise to provide you with job-winning resumes. 

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LinkedIn profile is crucial as many companies reach out to their ideal candidates via LinkedIn.

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Our experts will create an impressive and clear Cover letters to ensure you get an interview call.

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We provide you with the latest job search strategies to ensure you’ve a seamless job-hunting experience.


Let The Top Resume Service Of Portland Assist You In Achieving Your Career Goals

Our Resume Writers in Portland are like your personal Cupid, armed with the perfect solution to craft a remarkable resume that will help you land your dream job.

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Our career experts help customers with a well-crafted and job-wining resume.

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We have collection of resume template that impress the recruiter at first sight.

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Look No Further, because we’re The Only Ones Who Can Help You Craft An Impressive And Attention-Grabbing Resume

Our experts are highly experienced in resume writing. They deeply understand the job market and know exactly what recruiters are looking for. Therefore, we can ensure that your resume reflects your skills, strengths, and experience effectively.

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With our unmatched professionalism and dedication, you can be confident that your resume will convey a lasting impression.


It is not recommended to include your photo on your CV. An employer should not base their evaluation of your suitability for the role on your appearance. There are only a few exceptions to this rule, such as in the casting process for television roles.

It is now essential to include a link to your LinkedIn profile in the contact information section of your resume when applying for jobs. In fact, up to 40% of employers may only accept your application if they can locate your profile on LinkedIn.

While a recruiter may have your complete resume to review, your LinkedIn profile provides additional insight into your skills, personality, and career aspirations. In addition, LinkedIn allows for direct communication, which is impossible through a resume alone.

Are you aware that in a highly competitive job market, your resume needs to catch the recruiter’s attention within just 30 seconds? If not, your application may end up in the reject pile, and you won’t have the chance to showcase your skills in an interview. It’s worth noting that 30 seconds is longer than most recruiters typically spend reviewing a resume.

Recruiters look for specific job requirements in a candidate, which are described using certain words or phrases known as keywords. These keywords encompass the abilities, skills, expertise, and values the recruiter seeks in a potential candidate.

Get A Resume that Access All HR Standards.