Social Media Resume Examples to Help Take Your Career to the Next Level

In this modern day and age, a social media marketer lays the foundation of a brand’s image. They monitor a company’s interactions with the target audience on social media platforms by implementing different marketing strategies. They identify trends and design campaigns to build a strong brand image.

To get hired as a social media manager, you need to showcase all these capabilities in a powerful social media resume. It is, in a way, like a first impression. Make it solid enough to leave a lasting impact.

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Build a Resume Powerful Enough to Land Interviews

A social media manager is a constant in the ever-changing social media landscape. They have plenty of knowledge about social media networks, from old-school apps like Facebook and Twitter to trending platforms such as TikTok and SnapChat. And the only way to prove your expertise to the hiring manager is a well-structured resume that indicates you having that knowledge. Get inspired by our social media resume examples and get noticed!

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This section will teach you how to build a high-quality social media resume.

  • How to structure your social media specialist resume sample for maximum impact?
  • The role of keywords in enhancing your visibility on the application tracking filters.
  • Essential Skills to give your social media resume example a competitive edge.
  • Writing Tips to write an attractive summary section for your resume.

Get Inspired Through Our Social Media Resume Examples for Maximum Impact

The purpose of a resume is to grab the employer’s attention, but an average resume may fail to do so. A neatly structured resume is essential to get a job as a social media manager in any reputable organization. It helps showcase your qualifications and experience to excel in this field.

Headline and Summary

It is the first thing a hiring manager reads on your resume. A headline and summary concisely explain your eligibility for a role and how you can add value through it. It should be at most 2-3 lines, citing your recent social media marketing experience and future career plans.

Professional Experiences

This section defines the type of professional environment you come from. It outlines your roles and responsibilities and what achievements you have made in your previous job roles. Emphasize the skills that you used in your past experiences by stating the following professional information:

  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Employment Date
  • Responsibilities and achievements.

Add numbers to quantify your achievements, making your resume credible. For example, you can write, “Conducted a successful social media campaign for our in-house brand resulting in 35% increased sales.”

Academic qualifications and certificates

Education and certifications can add credibility to your resume. If you have a masters in digital marketing, including your high school diploma in your resume is unnecessary.

Maintain the relevance of the job description by stating your most recent qualification along with certificates on top, followed by the least relevant degrees.

Hard and soft skills

This section describes your learned abilities related to your job. You can add both domain-specific and general skills to your resume. As a social media manager, CRM and CMS proficiency are valuable skill sets.

Additional information

As a social media professional, your hobbies and interests outside of work can also play a great role in relating your interests with your job.

  • Hobbies and interests
  • Memberships
  • Personal projects

Role of Keywords in Social Media Manager’s Resume

Keywords play an important role in making your resume ATS-friendly. It can take a lot of work for hiring managers to manually skim through hundreds of resumes to fill a single vacancy. Therefore, companies employ application tracking software for ranking and scanning resumes based on certain keywords and skills.

Optimizing your resume for these keywords is necessary to get it shortlisted Here are the top 10 keywords commonly used for social media resumes:

  • Social Network
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social media apps
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social network analysis
  • Social media agency
  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Community Management
  • Customer Service

These keywords highlight the skills and qualifications of a social media manager. You can also use keywords highlighted in the job description and hashtags. Increasing your chances of getting ranked by the ATS software and your potential employer.

Avoid over-using these keywords, as it gives a forced and spammed look to a resume. Only choose keywords that accurately depict your skills and expertise. Add them to the summary, skills and professional experience naturally.

In-Demand Skills to Add to Your Resume

Graphic Designing:

Showcase your abilities in brand marketing through attractive visual content. You can add your typography skills, interactive layouts and UX/UI expertise in your social media skill section.

Creative Writing:

Although multimedia content is more in demand, they are responsible for creating post content, taglines and campaigns. This makes creative writing a fundamental asset for a social media professional.

Learning Aptitude:

A social media manager must have a learning aptitude to get acquainted and leverage newer technologies and skills that can help in brand promotion. Social media is evolving with better and newer features. Therefore, a learning attitude is necessary to ace this field. You can show your learning aptitude through your summary and skill sections.

Strategy Building:

A social media specialist should know how to devise an effective plan to market a product. This means combining different intellectual skills, such as interpersonal, critical, and strategic thinking.

Analytical Skills:

You must possess analytical skills to understand different social media metrics and tools. An analytical mind helps to break all the statistical metrics and complex information into simpler steps.

Community Building:

One of the fundamental aspects of social media management is community management. Promoting any brand online requires building an interactive and loyal consumer base. It helps in learning about consumer needs and choices.

Research Skills:

One of the most prominent SMM skills is research analysis. A social media manager must stay updated with emerging trends and marketing tactics. These skills help devise a monthly content calendar for a content marketing campaign.

Wide Variety of Resume Options

Explore the Social Media Resume & other best resume samples to kickstart your job hunt!


The best way to accentuate your skills is to make a separate section for soft and technical skills. You can add communication, interpersonal, and management capabilities in the management section. You may mention your graphic designing, writing, and software specialties under hard skills.  

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Resume formats are divided into three different types based on the experience level.

  • Functional Resume – For entry-level candidates
  • Chronological Resume – For expert-level candidates
  • Combination format – For intermediate-level candidates and people who are shifting careers.

You can make your resume stand out through a captivating objective summary and job-related keywords.

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