What’s an ATS-Friendly Resume and How to Write One?

ATS Friendly Resume
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Today we are living in a highly competitive world. New challenges erupt every day, and the job market has become saturated. Everyone wants to get hired in a company where they can grow and prosper. Every job position comes with a unique set of requirements. The transforming nature of different niches has pushed job applicants to adapt to new measures. 

The world is witnessing a major paradigm shift, but one thing remains persistent: the need for a perfectly curated resume. It acts as a bridge between you and your potential employer. It’s essential to understand that no matter your niche, a resume’s importance can never be undervalued. With changing world dynamics, you need to make your resume stand out from the crowd. 

This blog will help you understand how to add a unique element to your resume to get hired faster. 

In today’s world, companies receive thousands of resumes from potential candidates. No hiring manager has the time to review each resume for various job positions. This is why organizations use various resume screening systems; they allow companies to speed up hiring and get the best people for the job. 

What is ATS?

What is ATS?

The term ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It’s a program that partially automates the recruitment process for organizations. The automated process allows recruiters to set different filters to get through thousands of resumes. This procedure allows them to skip manual screening and hire the right people faster. Reports suggest that nearly 99% of employers rely on ATS programs for new hires.

How Does ATS Work?​

An Applicant Tracking System makes hiring seamless for recruitment managers. The screening program searches for relevant phrases and keywords directly from the job posting. Resumes that match the required criteria are then forwarded to the recruiters, speeding up the hiring.

What’s An ATS Friendly Resume?

An ATS-friendly resume is created according to the precise requirements of an ATS program. It has all the elements that allow the tracking system to analyze applications easily. It also contains all the keywords matching job postings and spots relevant skills and work experiences.

Create an ATS-Friendly Resume

How to Create an ATS-Friendly Resume?

Writing an ATS-friendly resume is easier than it sounds. Many job seekers believe that an ATS-approved resume is something that they cannot create. But the reality stands contrary. You only need to take care of a few factors and be good to go. 

1. Comprehend the Job Description

One thing that most people undermine is the importance of understanding the job description. It’s the first step that can boost your chances of getting hired. When looking for a job, one must acknowledge the demands of a specific role. This can help you prepare a personalized ATS-approved resume that resonates with the job requirements.

2. Choose Optimal Keywords

Many job seekers often wonder about the keywords’ role in their hiring. It’s crucial to understand that keywords allow the ATS to filter out the resumes according to the role. Having relevant keywords can boost your chances for an interview call and secure your dream job. You must create a tailored resume with keywords catering to every job you apply for, which will help you pass the ATS screening.

3. Customization is the Key

Customization is one element that remains highly underrated when creating resumes. One needs to understand that every job comes with different roles and responsibilities. This is why you need to have a different resume for each role. A customized resume can increase your chances of clearing the advanced ATS systems. It can also make your resume stand out from the rest. 

Hire a Resume Writing Service​

Let’s take a practical approach for a moment. The world we live in today is fast-paced, and nobody has the time to create an ATS-approved resume. The clock is ticking, and you must act fast to get your dream job. No need to worry about ticking clocks – we’ve got you! Many companies in the United States offer professional resume-writing services. Resume experts at firms like ours can help you create an ATS-friendly resume in no time.

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