Optimize your Engineering Resume for ATS to land dream Job

engineer resume writing for ats
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If you are an engineer looking for a job that gives you the opportunity to learn and grow in the engineering industry, then you need a comprehensive resume or engineer resume writing as it is known these days. However, creating one that is optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is not an easy task. You need to understand the mechanism of ATS and how it shortlists the resumes to be able to make an ATS-friendly engineer resume.

These days, a lot of companies are using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for the initial screening and shortlisting process.

These systems scan resumes from different aspects, like keywords, formats, skills, qualifications, etc. It means your resume may never even reach human eyes if it’s not optimized according to ATS rules or algorithms. But how can you optimize your resume for ATS to get better results? 

Don’t fret, my friend! In this blog post, we’ll tell you the art of optimizing your engineer resume writing for ATS.

Tips to Optimize Your Engineer Resume for ATS

With the help of our engineer resume writing expert, we have created a list of tips that can help you write an ATS-friendly resume for an engineering job. And we have some great examples for engineering resume, such as computerCivil, IT, and if you are a different engineer than you may have a look at our engineering resume examples.

1. Choose the Right Resume Format

This is the first step towards creating an ATS-friendly engineer resume. ATS prefers resume formats that are clear and easy to understand for humans as well as software. If you try any graphical and artistic designs, it may fail, and the ATS system will not be able to extract your information for initial evaluation. If you don’t select the right format, you are most likely to face auto rejection.

There are three ideal formats that are preferred by our engineering resume-writing experts. These formats are: Chronological Format, Functional Format, and Hybrid or Combination Format.

2. Go with the Right Type of File

The PDF file type is the best for all kinds of document submissions. But unfortunately, it might not work for all ATS, as there are numerous types of ATS, and every system doesn’t accept PDFs. Therefore, it is crucial to check the file type acceptance before submitting any job application. If the ATS doesn’t accept PDFs as the preferred type, upload your resume in .doc or .docx format.

3. Mark the Sections Clearly

As I said above, ATS algorithms prioritize the resume that is clear and easily scan able. Sectioning your resume is one of the best ways to create an easy and clear resume. For an engineer’s resume, you may break it into different sections, such as professional background, academics, personal skills, etc.

Additionally, these sections will also help ATS to clearly fetch the essential requirements such as your work experience, degrees, certifications, and relevant skills. 

4. Avoid the Headers, Columns, Tables, or Graphics

ATS follows clear formatting, and many of them might reject your application or skip the over content written in tables, columns, headers, footers, images, charts, or other graphics. Therefore, you should use a format that doesn’t have any kind of complicated elements. As a result, your resume or job application will be approved by ATS.

5. Use ATS Friendly Fonts

Using the right fonts can make all the difference. You may use ATS-friendly and corporate fonts. These fonts may include Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Georgia, and Times New Roman. Furthermore, Don’t underestimate the power of font size. It must be between 10 and 12 points.

6. Incorporate the Relevant Keywords

Adding the relevant keywords to your resume increases the 50% chance of ATS clearance. To optimize your engineer resume, identify and incorporate relevant keywords related to the job role and industry. Read the job description carefully to come up with the most relevant and ATS-friendly keyword for the job you are applying for. These keywords should appear naturally throughout your resume, especially in the skills, qualifications, and job experience sections. However, avoid keyword stuffing, as it can make your resume seem unnatural and decreases the chances of landing at the desk of the hiring manager.

7. Run ATS Score Check

Checking the ATS Score of your resume on your own gives you the confidence as well as an opportunity to meet the ATS Passing criteria. You can check your resume’s ATS score by using different tools available on the internet. Your resume’s ATS score may vary from 1-100. If your engineer’s resume scores above or near 80, this means it has more chances to land at the recruiter’s desk. If not, you should optimize it for positive and more dependable results.

Why Do So Many Organizations Depend On ATS?

Applicant Tracking Systems are recruitment software that helps organizations streamline their recruitment process. This software helps recruiters by filtering out unqualified candidates, allowing them to proceed with the most capable ones. Additionally, ATS enhances recruitment efficiency, improves candidate management, and ensures compliance with hiring regulations.

Start Creating ATS-friendly Engineer Resumes and Achieve Your Goals

ATS-friendly resume has become a basic need for every applicant to get hired, specifically when it comes to highly technical or responsible jobs, such as engineering, designing, marketing, or any other specialized niche. By following the tips mentioned above in this blog, you can easily maintain your resume according to ATS algorithms. Succeeding will definitely land you in the interview process.

However, creating an ATS-friendly engineer resume requires some professional writing expertise. So, if you don’t know about the ins and outs of resume writing, you may consider hiring any ATS-friendly resume writing experts according to a specific niche, such as engineer resume writing experts, software engineer resume writing experts, etc.

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Quick Questions

Yes, but it is not a good practice to do so, as most ATS software doesn’t read the incorporated or attached links in your resume.

There are three aspects that can help you optimize your resume for ATS screening;

  • Incorporating relevant Keywords
  • Clear and concise formatting
  • Submitting an acceptable file type.

There are three formats that are set as ideal for ATS software;

  • Chronological Format
  • Functional Format
  • Hybrid Format

Here are the tips that can help you optimize your resume for ATS;

  • The right format
  • Keyword optimization
  • Creating sections
  • Checking ATS score

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