Does "How Did You Hear About This Position" Make You Spellbound?

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So, you’re on the hot seat –  and your resume in the hands of the interviewer. On the other hand, you all geared up for answers related to the position you applied for. Meanwhile, the hiring manager throws the classic “How Did You Hear About This Position?” question your way. 

Now you’re spellbound or paused for a moment because you were not expecting such a simple question(yes indeed it’s just a general question). 

Fret not, we’re here to save your day and counter this question . We’re about to provide you with simple yet best approaches to handle situations like this.

Why Do Hiring Managers Ask About Your Job Source?

Hiring managers are low-key detectives seeking insights into their most effective recruiting channels. Your response can provide them with valuable data on the reach and impact of their job postings.

Approaches to Handle, “How Did You Hear About This Position?” Question

Imagine this as a golden opportunity to sprinkle in a bit of self-promotion. When answering, be specific and genuine, spill the beans. It’s not the time for mystery – they’re not auditioning you for a secret agent role.

1. Be transparent

First and foremost, be composed and confident, let them know if you stumbled upon it while browsing the company website.

Got a tip from a friend or if you discovered it through a job board. 

2. Showcase your homework

Don’t be shy about it if you’ve had your resume professionally done with certified expert resume writers. Casually mention that your resume was written to showcase your skills and experiences in the best light.

3. Showcase your Enthusiasm

Transform your response into a narrative that not only answers the question but also showcases your enthusiasm, resourcefulness, and genuine interest in the role.

4. Don’t just answer, make an Impressions

Remember, it’s not just about securing the position; it’s about leaving a lasting impression. Make your response a memorable part of the interview journey.

Remember, the hiring manager isn’t interrogating you; they’re digging for insights. So, weave your response into a narrative highlighting your enthusiasm, resourcefulness, and seriousness about this opportunity. It’s not just about landing the job; it’s about making a memorable impression. 

Sample Answers For How Did You Hear About This Position

Let us analyze some model answers that not only address the issue but also gently highlight your readiness and eagerness:

Example 1: Through a Professional Network

“My coworker Daniel informed me about this position. He believed I’d be a fantastic fit for this job because we’ve worked on a couple of projects together. I looked over the job description, and it is geared perfectly for me. My knack for technology and project management is a perfect fit. Making things happen is my thing; I can offer this to your team.

Example 2: At a Professional Conference

“I came across an interesting position while attending a digital marketing conference. Rebecca Hutton of your team gave an excellent presentation on the most recent industry trends. We chatted after her session about how happy I am with the creative job your team does. Then they gave me this pamphlet on original ideas and creative approaches at your stand. That allowed me to catch up. Further investigation revealed that my passion for digital marketing and my ability to keep up with developments make me a perfect fit.”

Example 3: Notable Company Achievement 

“I’ve been keeping track of your company’s accomplishments, and the Forbes article recognizing you as one of the top sustainability innovators piqued my interest in joining your ranks even more. Your dedication to the environment is in line with my principles, and I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute to your success story. With my experience in green business and environmentally friendly building, I’m prepared to get right in and up your sustainability game.”

Example 4: Alumni Recommendation 

“I was informed about this position by Jessica Williams, a former classmate who is a monster on your finance team. She placed my name in the hat and claimed I was a financial ninja. Since then, we have been in touch, and she has informed us about all of your pro-growth programs and fantastic workplace. My objective is to provide financial support to your squad and sustain their winning ways.”

Example 5: Online Job Posting 

“I saw this opportunity when looking for a job via Indeed. When I typed “content specialist,” I was surprised to see you there. What really set your job post out was the message, “Join us; we’re the cool technology team.” I’m all about collaboration, and your post demonstrated that. I am ready to get started and see things through because I have fulfilled all the requirements related to my experience with health blogging.”

Example 6: Company Website 

“For a year or two, I have been admiring what you do and looking through your career page. It caught my attention because, some time ago, a representative named Jasmine showed up at our student performance and discussed your PR strategy. I think your team comprises a group of gregarious, dynamic people. With my experience in public relations, I am confident I can be a massive asset to your team and make your clients look good.

Example 7: Social Media

“I noticed this job posting on my feed, so I clicked to check it out and I’m here now. My experience in [your business] fits your needs exactly, like peanut butter and jelly. All set to add that social media expertise to the mix!”

Example 8: Current Employee Referral

“I’ve got a buddy on the inside! My pal Lisa in your marketing squad let me in on the good stuff. We caught up over coffee, and she spilled the beans about this role. She mentioned the fantastic team culture, and I thought, ‘Hey, that sounds like my kind of place!’ After reviewing the details, I find it aligns perfectly with my skills. I am thrilled for the opportunity to contribute.”

In summary, these responses provide insights into the candidates’ proactive networking, industry engagement, company achievements knowledge, and the significance of personal recommendations. Each candidate strategically uses their unique experiences to convey a strong alignment with the company and a genuine interest in contributing to its success.

Avoid These Common Blunders to Ace Your Interview Like a Pro

Now, let’s discuss the typical interview mistakes that everyone has made at some point. 

First, this is not the moment for quiet or evasive answers when the hiring manager asks you the age-old question, “How did you hear about this position?”. It’s just a matter of spilling the beans; be specific about the sources you used, whether from their company website, an acquaintance, or any other form of networking.

1. The "Tell Me About Yourself" Pitfall

The “Tell me about yourself” query is a more devious trap to watch out for. Do not give in to the urge to make it into a memoir. Instead, concentrate on relevant professional facts while adding just the proper amount of vigor to make the content enjoyable.

2. Steering the Game-Changer – Perfect Resume Writing Services

Perfect resume writing services can elevate your game, but be cautious not to turn your response into a rehearsed monologue. Keep it natural, and seize the opportunity to mention that a certified expert resume writer crafted your resume. 

3. The Comfort Zone Slip-Up

Getting too comfy is a classic slip-up. While friendliness is essential, oversharing or becoming too casual can backfire. Remember, this isn’t a coffee shop chat; it’s your chance to showcase skills to a potential employer.

4. Piloting Clear of Negativity

Avoid the classic pitfall of badmouthing previous bosses or coworkers. It’s a red flag for any hiring manager. Stay positive, focus on lessons learned, and pivot the conversation towards your future aspirations.

Learn from These Missteps

By steering clear of these common missteps, you position yourself as a candidate who navigates interviews with finesse. Soon enough, you’ll offer advice to others in the competitive job market.

In a Nutshell

“How did you hear about this job?” isn’t a question; instead, it’s an opportunity to show off your creativity and excitement and maybe drop a hint about the meticulous resume written by a pro. 

So, next time you’re asked, be prepared to share your job-seeking journey – it might make you stand out.

Quick Questions

Employers pose this question to gauge the effectiveness of their recruitment channels and understand which platforms or strategies attract potential candidates. It helps them refine their approach to reach a wider audience and hire the best talent.

Absolutely. While it may seem like a casual inquiry, employers use your response to gather valuable insights into their recruitment efforts. Your answer provides a glimpse into your job-seeking journey and the sources that influence your decisions.


Avert canned answers. To present an accurate image, be detailed about your information sources.


Exhibiting zeal is essential, but avoid adding extraneous details to your response.

Neglecting Professionalism

React professionally. Only divulge information that is personal and relevant about how you applied for the position.

Definitely, ask for an explanation if you’re not sure what the question is really asking. Saying something as basic as “Could you please provide more context about what you’re looking for?” validates your keenness to offer accurate and relevant statistics. 

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