How to Write an IT Support Specialist Resume - 5 Easy Steps

IT Support Specialist Resume
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Table of Contents

Suppose something is happening on your PC! Who’re you going to call? (IT Support Specialists). We know that one of the corniest Ghost Buster jokes you’ll hear on the web, but it’s true. Although not talked about enough, IT Support specialists are the unsung heroes of the computer world. 

Just like their name suggests, they help analyze and troubleshoot any computer-related errors that employees and customers of IT businesses have and help them via call or web chat. It’s among the most common jobs in the tech industry. From renowned organizations like Google to small startups, nearly any company associated with tech in any way needs an IT support specialist. 

If you think you’re good with computers and have a strong sense of guiding people about tech, then you’ll fit the role perfectly. But, if you’re looking to land an IT support specialist job, then there’s one key ingredient missing from making this job yours- an IT support specialist resume. 

Just like how IT support specialists guide others, the resume guides the recruiter on how you’re the missing piece they’re looking for. It highlights your skills and qualifications to help you stand out from other candidates. A strong resume paves the way to a job in the IT field. But the question is, how do you make one? Well, not to worry, because that’s what we’re here for.

We will go in-depth on making the perfect IT support specialist resume. From discussing resume objectives to listing down skills, this guide is your one-stop solution for creating a resume that will catch the recruiter’s eye. So, if you’re ready to make a powerful impression in the IT field, continue reading to create the perfect resume. 

The Right Format for an IT Support Specialist Resume

Before discussing what to put in your resume, let’s talk about the structure and format. A resume can only make sense to a recruiter until and unless it’s structured correctly. In addition, with structure, it needs to be in the right format for the recruiter’s convenience. Sure, you can look at IT support specialist resume examples to learn more about the format. Still, you’ll find these pointers more convenient:

5 Easy Steps to Craft Your IT Support Specialist Resume

Resume writing may sound complicated, but with the right approach, you’ll be crafting one quickly. Now that you’re clear on the resume format, we’ll take a closer look at the structure. An IT support specialist resume should be structured using the following headings:

Here’s more about writing each section. 

1. Starting it Off with a Resume Header

Let’s kick things off with the easiest yet most crucial section: the header! The header is the simplest because it contains your name and contact information. The resume header lets the recruiter know whose resume they’re going through. To make the section, you only need to pen down your name, followed by the contact information. This includes your cellphone number, email address, LinkedIn Profile (optional), and residential address. 

Here’s an IT support Specialist Resume Header Example for context:

  • Paul Johnson
  • [Phone number]
  • [Email Address]
  • [LinkedIn Profile]
  • [Residential Address]

2. Perfecting IT Support Specialist Resume Objectives and Summaries

The IT support specialist resume objective or summary is the most crucial section you’ll write. Why, you ask? Well, think of it as the trailer or preview about yourself made for the recruiter. It helps the recruiter understand who you are, what you do, and the skills you bring to the company. An effective resume objective or summary can create a positive first impression on the recruiter, improving your hiring chances. 

An effective summary or objectives highlights your skills and qualifications to show your good fit for the company. Furthermore, keep it brief, not more than 3-5 sentences. 

Now, if you’re an experienced professional, an IT support specialist resume summary will help showcase your accomplishments. If you’re just barely starting, then go for a resume objective. 

Here’s an example for both:

Resume Summary

Dependable IT specialist with over 3+ years of experience in the IT field, providing comprehensive customer support. At ABC International, resolved three major technical issues with major company clients, leading to improved customer loyalty. Seeking a position at ABC Global to optimize IT support processes and help with customer loyalty.

Resume Objective

A confident and active individual with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Seeking the position of IT support specialist in ABC Global to help the company with customer support and loyalty. Have a strong background in Windows computer operations and troubleshooting. 

3. Working on Work History

The next most crucial section, followed by the resume summary/ objective, is the IT support specialist resume job description. Here’s where you’ll review the relevant experience that makes you a good fit for the company. The section allows the recruiter to learn about what you know. 

To make a proper section, here’s what you need to follow:

4. Explaining your Educational Qualification

Your IT support resume can’t be complete without discussing your educational background. Just like a resume header, there’s no rocket science when putting education on a resume. Here are some pointers for writing about your educational qualifications:

Bonus Tip

List your Grade Point Average if it's higher than 3.5. But if not, then don't include it in your resume.

5. Let’s Talk About IT Support Specialist Resume Skills

Apart from work history and education, the recruiter will also look for technical skills from the candidate. Now, the more skills you have, the better your chances of getting hired, but before listing down skills randomly, here’s what we recommend you do to list down appropriate skills on your IT support specialist resume: 

What Else to Include in an IT Support Specialist Resume?

Now we talked about the crucial sections of a resume, but if you want to make your resume truly stand out, then you could use this complimentary section:

  • Certifications
  • Awards
  • Language Skills
  • Hobbies

Please Note: You should only list any extra sections in case you’re left with some space on your resume. If you don’t have any, don’t force them in. Otherwise, they could make your resume look cluttered and hard to read. 

The Ultimate Game Changer: IT Support Specialist Cover Letters

Although the sections above will surely make your resume stand out, if you want to significantly boost your chances of getting called in for an interview, then go for a cover letter. Don’t know what it is. Well, here’s a refresher:

What’s a Cover Letter?

It is a document that you send over with your resume. Although most employers don’t ask for it, sending it over with your resume can show that you are serious about the position. Even recent data indicates that 56% of employers prefer that the candidate sends over a cover letter along with their resume. 

The cover letter offers additional information about your skills and experiences that relate to the job you’re applying for. It helps the recruiter understand your qualifications and how they would serve the company. It’s usually around 3-4 paragraphs long.

Tips to Remember

Here are some tips to remember for writing a compelling cover letter:

Ending Note

In conclusion, an IT support specialist resume is your key to landing a position in the IT field. For creating a compelling resume, you need to ensure the resume is readable and convenient for the recruiter. For that, you need to structure it properly. Ensure your resume includes a header, objective/ summary statement, work history, education, and skills. Using the steps provided above, you can create a strong resume that’s sure to make an impact.

Quick Questions

For describing an IT specialist, highlight the technical skills and the hands-on experience you possess for various IT systems. In addition, talk about your certifications and your educational background. Also, use action verbs to make an impact. 

Your IT support resume should contain the following sections:

  • Resume Header
  • Resume Summary
  • Work History
  • Education
  • Skills

The IT support specialist resume job description should include relevant experience. For discussing past employers, mention your job title, company name, employment dates, and 3-4 bullet points focusing on achievements. 

The IT support specialist resume summary needs to be brief, around 3-5 sentences. It should offer an overview of your skills and qualifications, which make you a good fit for the company.  

An IT support specialist resume should follow a reverse-chronological layout. In addition, it should be one page in length and have an easy-to-read formal font style. In addition, it should have sections divided by white space and differentiated by bold headings. 

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