Making the Perfect Medical Assistant Resume Objectives

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Do you know what gets you a medical assistant job in any organization or company? If you thought about your experience, education, and skills, then you’re partly right. The most crucial thing that can land you the medical assistant role is a strong, compelling resume. 

That’s right; a resume is a document you can use to impress the recruiter. Only by finding your resume interesting would they call you in for an interview. And if you prove successful, then you most probably would be offered the job. 

But, impressing the recruiter isn’t that simple, as you have to compete for the recruiter’s attention against the sea of other applicants the recruiter receives. Reports indicate that a recruiter could get around 118 job applications for a single job position. Obviously, they can’t go through all of them; otherwise, they would literally need medical assistance. This is why recruiters consider looking at resume objectives to deal with such high volumes of resumes. 

The medical assistant objective for the resume provides the complete overview of why you’re aiming for the role, as well as what you bring to the organization. The recruiter can use the information provided in the resume objective to decide whether to go through your resume or not. If you’re unsure about writing medical assistant resume objectives, then don’t fret! 

We’re going to help you learn the proper way of writing an objective for a medical assistant resume. We’ll be covering a lot, from the steps for making the resume objective to common things to never forget and more. So, if you want to make your resume stand out, then be sure to give this blog a read. 

What is the Role of the Medical Assistant?

The resume objective is all about discussing the key skills and qualifications that make you a good fit for the organization. Before we cover writing medical assistant resume objectives, it’s crucial that you be aware of what the organization considers the job role. Having a good idea of your role and responsibilities would help while writing your objective statement. 

So, let’s first start with the question, “what is a medical assistant?”

“It’s a role that healthcare facilities, including hospitals and offices, require. Doctors and healthcare workers can only do so much, but with a lot to do in very little time, they also require some assistance.”

That’s where medical assistants come in. The position deals with both clinical and administrative perspectives.  

As the name suggests, a medical assistant job is to assist doctors and healthcare workers with any additional work they have on their plate. This can include but is not limited to taking vital signs, scheduling appointments, or collecting information from patients. A medical assistant for specific goals. The long-term goal of a medical assistant should just be like the healthcare worker, which is to provide the best care possible to patients. 

Medical assistants need to have basic medical skills, which is why they should go for medical assistant certification. The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) is one certification you should opt for. Although education is necessary, college education is optional. However, you should consider courses in anatomy, physiology, medical emergency, pharmacology, and nutrition if you’re serious about a medical assistant career. 

Making the Objectives for Medical Assistant Resume

Now that we have a refresher on what a medical assistant does, let’s go over how to write an objective for a medical assistant’s resume. A resume object provides an overview of the goals you want to accomplish via the position, as well as the key skills and experience that will help you in your journey. 

Through the objective, the recruiter can have a better idea of who you are and what you can bring to the table. As it focuses on the future, it’s the best choice for fresh graduates to put in their medical assistant resume. Following are a few steps for drafting your very first objective for a medical assistant resume:

1. Researching Medical Assistant Online

A medical assistant can have different roles depending on where you’re applying. For instance, if you’re applying for a medical assistant position in a clinic, then you might need to handle taking samples, vital signs, preparing exam rooms, and tasks that require direct contact with patients. Whereas if you were to apply for the same position in a healthcare facility, you might be tasked with administrative duties, including scheduling appointments, answering phones, transferring lab results to appropriate technicians, and ordering supplies for office use. 

Depending on which path you choose, be sure to learn what tasks come with the medical assistant position. The best way to do so is by a quick web search. Use keywords like “clinical medical assistant responsibilities,” “administrative roles of medical assistant,” etc., to study the position first before applying. After getting a good idea of the medical assistant goals and tasks, move on to the next step.

2. Underline Medical Assistant Responsibilities

With an idea of the medical assistant roles and responsibilities, you want to document them separately. Writing these responsibilities helps keep them memorized. While further reviewing them can help understand what they do on a general basis. By being more aware of what they are expected to do, you can craft a more compelling medical assistant objective for your resume

For instance, you document that the administrative medical assistant manages ordering supplies when inventory starts running low. You might know about managing inventory stocking while working part-time.

3. Pick Out the Responsibilities That You Have Knowledge in

After documenting all the medical assistant responsibilities separately, you want to go over each of them and pick out those that you believe you know much about. While picking out experiences, also consider the skills you have that would support your experience. This is the most crucial part of writing medical assistant resume objectives

An objective statement discusses your goals for being a medical assistant and how your skills and experience will help you accomplish them. So, knowing what experience and skills you possess helps shape your objective and make it more effective than an objective statement made without any prior research. 

4. Incorporate them into your Medical Assistant Objective For Resume

After picking out the most relevant skills and experiences you have, it’s time to document everything in a proper objective statement for a medical assistant resume. To make an objective statement, be sure to mention the organization’s name and show enthusiasm and excitement to apply for the position. 

Use phrases to help show your emotions, such as “diligently serve patient, or “looking forward to providing direct contact patient support.” Use the skills you possess to reinforce your experience in your objective statement.   

5. Personalize your Resume Objective

Think of your resume objective as the first impression you make on the recruiter. You should make it count by personalizing it. Think about it. An objective statement that just highlights your skills and experience would sound monotonous and generic, but giving it a personal touch will show you as more human and separate you from the crowd. Use words that showcase your personal characteristics, like caring, reliable, thoughtful, etc. If you’re still unsure, then better consult a professional resume writer for further assistance. 

Key Points for Crafting Medical Assistant Resume Objectives

Learning how to write a medical assistant objective for a resume doesn’t exactly mean you’ll create a healthcare assistant resume objective that catches the recruiter’s eye. To ensure that you create a strong resume objective that resonates with the recruiter, you need to ensure a few things while writing. Following are some pointers to remember while crafting your medical assistant objective for your resume:

1. Keep it Brief

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, and that’s exactly what goes for your resume objective. Prior research can help find the most relevant skills and experience you have that the employer is looking for, but it doesn’t exactly mean that you cram everything into your resume objective. 

Resume objectives are made for the recruiter’s convenience. The recruiter has several job applications to go through, and a resume objective helps pick out the best candidates from the rest. So, you should go for a brief resume object. Keep it around 3-4 sentences long. As you limited space, choose the best key skills and experience you want the recruiter to know about you. 

2. Use Descriptive Words

Look at these two statements and then decide which one makes the most impact:

“Dedicated medical assistant seeking a professional role in ABC Hospital, where I can apply extensive experience and knowledge of billing.”

“Looking for medical assistant role in ABC Hospital to apply my billing knowledge and experience.”

You’ll probably choose the first one. Although both statements were the same, the first one had more oomph to it. Do you know why? It’s because the first statement utilized descriptive and personalized words that reinforced the objective statement. While making a resume objective, ensure that you also use these kinds of words at the start. Some personalized words include: 

3. Tailor it to the Medical Assistant Job Position

In addition to writing a resume objective, it’s crucial to know who you’re writing for. A medical assistant is a broad role, and not every employer is looking for the same type. So, you need to ensure which role you’re applying for and then tailor your objective statement accordingly. 

For instance, if you’re applying for an administrative medical assistant role, highlighting your clinical experience in your objective statement may prove ineffective and vice versa. You need to highlight key skills and experience that are relevant to the job position rather than making a general medical assistant objective for your resume.

Examples to Consider

Let’s look at some medical assistant resume objectives examples to help you get a better idea of what it should look like:

Other Elements to Include in your Medical Assistant Resume:

Although you’re done with learning how to write medical assistant resume objectives, remember the objective only helps your resume to get the recruiter to view it. So, apart from making an effort on the healthcare resume objective, you also need to invest your time in writing the rest of the resume. Here are some crucial sections you need to include in your medical assistant resume:

1. Resume Header

The resume header is the first section in your resume that details your name and contact information. It helps the recruiter to contact you if they find you a worthy candidate suitable for an interview. Ensure the contact information includes your cellphone number, email address, City and State where you live, and your LinkedIn profile URL (optional).

2. Work Experience

The work experience section is truly what the recruiter wants to look at. All the other sections, including resume objectives, are created to support it. This section talks about your past employers and your roles and responsibilities while working there. 

The work experience section should mention your job title, employer name, date and year while working there, and 3-4 duties and achievements you had. Furthermore, the work experience section should use a reverse chronological order to record each work entry. That is, first, discuss your most recent job position and move forward to the previous one with each entry. 

3. Education

As a medical assistant, you must have graduated from an appropriate course relevant to the position. You need to indicate your educational qualification in this section. This includes you’re the institute name, degree awarded, year of graduation, and major. 

4. Skills

In addition to relevant experience, the resume can’t be complete without the skill section missing. Healthcare organizations require medical assistants to have certain soft and hard skills. Some skills to put on a resume for the medical field include:

Ending Note

In conclusion, the medical assistant objective is a crucial piece for the resume as it offers an overview of your skills and experience relevant to the position. It’s crucial you learn how to write medical assistant resume objectives. By following the steps offered by the blog, you’ll be sure to make a powerful resume objective that will catch the recruiter’s eye. 

Quick Questions

When discussing the career objectives in their resume, they should mention the job position they are hoping to get, as well as the key skills and experience that make them stand out. 

A good objective for a healthcare resume is one in which the long-term goals of a medical assistant are clearly mentioned. In addition, it also discusses the key skills and experience in the healthcare objective for a resume

The following elements should be present to make a good nursing resume objective:

  • Mentions the name of the organization
  • States the reason for applying. 
  • Uses strong personal characteristic words
  • Discusses relevant skills and experience.

Some skills to mention in your resume objective include:

  • Empathy
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Patient-care

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