Resume Builders vs Resume Writing Services

Resume Builders VS Resume Writing Services
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A professionally tailored resume functions as a personal branding tool. It helps you stand out from the pool of applicants. As the economies rebound after the pandemic, many companies are recruiting to resume office operations. Every company looks for talented individuals to join their organizations. A resume can be an important factor that helps them choose candidates.

A resume plays a vital role in making a positive impression before, during, and after interviews. It gives the recruiter an idea of who you are in terms of your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, building a powerful resume is a surefire way to kick-start your job hunt. 

You can view many resume resources online, like resume builders, or hire resume writing services to have the perfect resume created. Online tools such as Canva, Indeed and Adobe etc. Now can help you make resumes in no time. This may be super convenient, but one of the many things these online-built resumes lack is personality

If you are thinking of using an online resume builder – stop! These sites all use the same tools to create resumes; the end product, hence, is not very credible. This is why people are switching to professional resume writers to bring life to their resumes. 

This blog will walk you through the pros and cons of online resume builders vs resume writing services and some tips about them. Lastly, it will answer that one burning question – which one is better?

What are Online Resume Builders

What are Online Resume Builders?

As discussed earlier, you will find different resume builders online, but the idea behind them is the same. They work on repetitive format template designs by spinning some information around to create a new resume. They are easy to use, with tips and instructions displayed in an introductory manner that can help beginners to make a resume.

Pros of Online Resume Builders


The most talked about benefit is affordability, not entirely free of cost, but as compared to resume writing services, there are minimal fee charges. Many students use these tools to build their portfolios with close to no investment. Some may offer free downloads for PDF, MS Word, and .txt files.

Saves Time

Online tools are meant to save you time. Resume builders provide essential tools, templates, and guides that process your data into a pre-organized format. People with little to no experience can leverage these tools. But low cost and saving time are not great enough factors to put your job hunt on the line.

Cons of Online Resume Builders

Bait and Switch

Many online resume builders use this method to bag customers. Many people invest hours in gathering information and uploading data on resume-building websites only to find out a paywall at the end. It is an old tactic used by websites to misguide the user by faking its intent.

Not Optimized For ATS

Nowadays, many recruiters use ATS (application tracking systems) to filter thousands of resumes based on skills, experience, and relevance before it comes under human evaluation. Online resume-building platforms often use templates with complex formats with unnecessary text boxes, formats, shapes, and alignments. ATS sees them as irrelevant to the job description and rejects them. You should read this blog also for ATS for resume writing.

Do Not Follow the Best Practices

Most online resume builders ask you to upload your photo on the resume and claim it as a “best practice.” However, putting candid photos or selfies on your resume is not advised.

What are Resume writing services?

Professional resume writing services incorporate everything that apps and online tools fail to despite saving time and money. These service providers have a team of experienced and professional writers coming from diverse fields who craft customized resumes according to your instructions and demands. They are responsible for writing, editing, and proofreading a resume. Let’s break down the pros and cons of these services to help you make a thorough decision.

What are Resume writing services

Pros Of Resume Writing Services


What makes your resume stand out from other applicants is personalization. A professional resume writer will understand its importance. They will first communicate with you and note down all your requirements and expectations. They will then paint them into a personalized document to show the recruiter your weaknesses, strengths, and what you have to offer to the company without sounding too monotonous.

ATS friendly

One significant benefit is that these services create an ATS-friendly document. The recent rise in Application Tracking Systems helps to separate relevant from irrelevant applications. For example, if the job opening emphasizes a particular work experience, your resume should only include information concerning those requirements. Work experiences in interior design will be regarded as irrelevant to an electrical engineering job unless it somehow relates to it.


A professional knows where the industry currently stands. The ATS system accepts and rejects applications before they even reach the hiring manager due to errors like improper editing, not following the format, length, etc. A professional resume writer will keep all these requirements in mind and provide an error-free, proofread output. They will use relevant keywords according to the job requirements and an easy-to-read format.

Cons Of Resume Writing Services

Cost and time

These services might be expensive for some people. Unlike automated apps online, customization needs more time and money to obtain refined results. But rest assured, these services come with reasonable charges. The higher the quality and urgency of the project, the more money you will have to pay.

Tips To Choose Resume Builders vs Resume Writing Services

While considering the path to get your resume, these three factors could help you to make an informed decision; let’s break them down.!

Personalized Approach:

One of the significant advantages of resume writing services is the personalized approach they offer. Professional resume writers work closely with you to understand your career goals, accomplishments, and unique qualities. They then tailor your resume accordingly to highlight your strengths and increase your chances of landing for an interview. For instance, a resume writer might use specific keywords and industry-specific lingos to make your resume more targeted, attractive and appealing to hiring managers in your field.

On the other hand, resume builders often rely on templates and generic content. While they may offer customization options, they lack the human touch that resume writing services provide.

For example, imagine you’re a marketing professional seeking a management position. A resume writer would emphasize your leadership skills and highlight your successful campaigns, showcasing your potential to excel in a managerial role. In contrast, a resume builder might not capture the nuances of your experience as effectively.

Expertise and Industry Knowledge:

Resume writing services employ experienced professionals who are well-versed in resume writing best practices and industry trends. They have a deep understanding of what employers look for in a resume and can position your qualifications in a way that grabs attention. These experts stay updated on the latest hiring trends, ensuring your resume remains relevant and impactful.

For instance, let’s say you’re transitioning from a career in finance to the tech industry. A resume writer with expertise in both fields can help you highlight transferable skills and present your financial acumen in a way that appeals to tech recruiters. They can provide valuable insights into how to frame your experiences and make your resume stand out among other candidates.

Resume builders, although convenient, lack the same level of expertise. They may not have industry-specific knowledge or be aware of the latest hiring practices. As a result, your resume might end up looking generic and fail to impress potential employers.

Time and Effort:

Crafting an effective resume requires time, effort, and attention to detail. Resume writing services can save you valuable time by handling the entire resume creation process. They have a streamlined workflow and know exactly which sections to include, how to structure the content, and what information to prioritize. In the meantime, you can focus on other aspects of your job search while the professionals take care of your resume.

Consider a scenario where you’re a recent graduate applying for your first job. You might be overwhelmed with job applications, networking, and interviews. Hiring a resume writing service would alleviate the stress of resume writing, allowing you to serve your time and energy to other important tasks.

On the contrary, using a resume builder requires you to invest time and effort into learning how to navigate the tool and customize your resume. While it may offer convenience for those who enjoy a DIY approach, it might not be the best choice if you’re short on time or want a professionally polished resume.

Cost – efficiency and Affordability:

Like other factors of life, this also depends on price (money.) So, to get over this, weI would like to ask an offensive question here.! Do you have a good budget? – this answer would clearly let you know which way you should go because going with resume writing services can be an expensive option. than resume builders.

If you are on a good budget, coming up working with a resume writing services provider can provide an incredible value as this will increase your hiring chances by 3x, which will ultimately make you get a return on your money investment in a week or two.

On the other hand, choosing the resume builder can be a more cost-efficient option than resume writing services, but when it comes to hiring chances, this can be quite slower than the personalized resume provided by resume writing services provider.

Make an Informed Decision

As you’ve read, both of these services have their own cons and pros and cons. Getting your resume done is much like getting your car fixed. Sometimes, it is worth paying a few bucks and getting your job done quickly, but sometimes you have to pay a handsome hefty amount for efficient and long-term results.

The same goes with your resume; if you need effective and quick results, you need to go with an expensive one (resume writing services), but if you are tight on budget, a resume builder should be your go-to option.

Resume Builders vs Resume Writing Services - Which One Is Better?

The main difference between professional resume writers and online resume builders is quality. Professional writers will always have the upper hand in writing, editing, proofreading, and customization. Meanwhile, online resume builders only offer repetitive formats, templates, and guidelines that are not up to date with the industry requirements of today. 

Not only that, many resume writing services guarantee a quick turnaround time and ATS-optimized resumes. You can talk to them about your requirements, revisions, and improvements without spending time putting in data and not getting desired results, as is the case with most online resume builders. 

Last but not least, it gives you a sense of reassurance that your resume will be able to make an impact on the recruiter. So, that’s all for now, now you got a better idea for resume builders vs resume writing services.

Quick Questions

Yes, for sure, you may go with resume writing services because customizing your resume on your own can be a challenging task. With a resume writing services provider, you don’t need to worry about anything. These individuals would leverage you with a personalized resume. 

This answer varies according to your budget. If you are tight on budget, then resume builder is a yes –  if- if you have a budget and are looking for a quality resume, then it’s a big no for resume builders. 

Every organization has its own policies for delivering their work. But at Finest Resume writing services, we strive to deliver resumes within 48 hours.

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